AV Site Inspection: Why It’s Critical For Events

Have you ever heard the saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know”? In this blog, we’ll shed light on aspects of event production that you might not have considered. When it comes to event success, over-communication is key. Knowledge is power, and the more details we gather, the smoother your event will be.

Don’t Skip The Venue Site Visit!

For professional audiovisual companies, a venue inspection is an essential step in ensuring the success of your event. During this visit, a production manager or audio engineer will assess the site and make crucial decisions for optimal event setup. Here are the key elements on their site visit checklist:

Lighting Testing: We evaluate the lighting setup to ensure your event shines in the best possible way.

Ceiling Height: This is critical, as it affects our ability to use rigging to suspend screens for maximum visibility.

Rigging Restrictions: Safety is our top priority. We check for weight distribution and stage stability.

Power Availability: Indoor and outdoor events have different power requirements, and we make sure everything is covered, even if generators are needed.

Space Dimensions: We verify the dimensions of the space and note any potential obstructions that might affect setup or traffic flow.

Equipment Storage: We scope out the best location for equipment storage.

Decor Impact: We consider how the decor will affect sound and lighting to create a harmonious atmosphere.

Load-In/Load-Out Logistics: We plan for smooth transitions in and out of the venue.

AV Team Space: We allocate the proper space for our audiovisual team and behind the scenes booth.

In-House Venue Services: We check what the venue provides in-house to avoid redundancy and streamline the process.

Security Policies: If it’s an overnight event, we review security policies regarding AV equipment.

Internet Access: We confirm high-speed internet access to ensure seamless connectivity.

Leave the technicalities to us; we’re here as your professional production company. Get in touch with us if need help with your event.


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