Individual lights in glass cylinders hanging from the ceiling.

The 2023 Guide to Special Event Lighting

No event is complete without breathtaking lighting, but there are so many options; where do you start? In this simple guide, we’ll walk you through the most common types of event lighting (and when to use them).

Drive-in movie theatre.


Hosting a drive-in event can be a great way to bring your organization, family, and friends together while ensuring the safety of everyone in attendance. It can also just be a fun a way to do something different! Here are five types of drive-in events to help inspire your creativity.


What does hybrid mean for the event industry? With large gatherings now back in vogue, are hybrid events still relevant? Is it a passing fad, the future of event planning, or something else all together?

blogs-utopia-experience video production

6 Questions To Ask Your Videographer

Working with a professional videographer can be overwhelming; there are a lot of details to consider. Here are some of the questions that we’ve found to be the most helpful while laying the groundwork for a new project.

Up-close photo of speakers.

(A Few Reasons) Why AV Prices Everywhere Are Going Up

More organizations than ever are returning to in-person (or hybrid) events, and many of our clients are concerned about the increase in prices they’re seeing from 2019. Professional event production has gotten more expensive; why?

11 Types of Videos for Your Nonprofit Event Campaign

People are drawn to good storytelling, and video tells stories (and holds people’s attention) more effectively than any other medium. Video allows you to tell your stories in a uniquely engaging way; you can include powerful imagery, compelling music, see and hear directly from whoever’s speaking, and unlock endless creative potential.

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Your live auction is one of the most crucial parts of your evening to get right; a creative timeline led by a professional benefit auctioneer can help you blow away your fundraising goals. In this article, we’re going to walk you through three simple ways to get more out of your next live auction.

Utopia Experience Celebrating 20 Year Anniversary

Utopia Experience Celebrates 20 Years in Business

St. Louis – October 11, 2022 – Utopia Experience, a leader in the events industry, celebrates 20 years in business.

It’s now 20 years since Jodi Goone’s vision became a reality from the family kitchen in St. Louis, Missouri to a thriving business that has touched so many lives through the Utopia Experience.

Small groups of people stand around a table in friendly conversation.

4 Ways to Take Your Next Event From Ordinary to Extraordinary

In August, we produced a brief webinar in coordination with Greater Giving for their Apex: Greater Giving User Conference. We wanted to share some of the insights we’ve learned to help nonprofits create more unique and meaningful experiences, nurture donor relationships, inspire giving, and expand their impact. This article is an overview of the content from that webinar.

Coins spilling from a glass jar (like the money lost when you don't have an effective post-event marketing strategy)

Test Donations: The Importance of Followup

A thoughtful post-event marketing strategy is a critical part of a successful event, especially when some of your attendees may be donating *specifically* to see how you follow up.

Example of a corporate event setup. There's no one in the room yet, but screens and tables are visible.

Our 2022 Guide to Planning a Corporate Event

Planning any event can be stressful, but corporate events present some unique challenges. They’re often information-heavy and can last multiple days, so how do you keep attendees engaged? How do you keep things interesting? In this guide, we’ll outline 8 easy steps to make sure your corporate event is a success. Whether it’s a seminar, conference, or company summit, we’ve got you covered.