Elevating Events: The Power of Confidence Monitors

In today’s fast-paced world, effective presentations are vital for capturing and retaining the attention of audiences. To achieve a seamless experience, event producers employ a range of tools and technologies. One such indispensable tool is the confidence monitor. In this blog, we’ll explore the significance of confidence monitors at events and how they contribute to the success of presentations.

Video Shot Checklist: Capture Essential Video Footage at Your Event

Whether it’s a corporate conference, a charity gala, or a community celebration, knowing what footage to capture is key. By carefully planning, you can ensure you capture all the necessary shots for a memorable video. Below is an essential video shot checklist that can be applied to almost any type of event.

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Event Recap: MizzouThon 2023

MizzouThon, the largest student-run philanthropy at the University of Missouri, hosted its main event in March 2023, at the University of Missouri Rec Center. The 13.1-hour celebration, also known as the Dance Marathon, united students to raise critical funds for the Women and Children’s Hospital in Columbia, MO.

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The Single Most Overlooked Part of Event Production

Even if they don’t understand the details, clients can appreciate the years of experience needed to make sure that the program runs smoothly and the technology works as intended. Mostly. But there’s a part of event production that’s almost universally overlooked. Something that even some production staff take for granted…

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Projectors, LED Walls, or TVS: What’s Right For Your Event?

Screens are a critical part of almost every event—galas, auctions, fundraisers, workshops, parties—you’ll almost always need some kind of way to give visual information to your audience. But how do you know exactly what kind of screen (and how many) you’ll need?

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The 2023 Guide to Special Event Lighting

No event is complete without breathtaking lighting, but there are so many options; where do you start? In this simple guide, we’ll walk you through the most common types of event lighting (and when to use them).

Drive-in movie theatre.


Hosting a drive-in event can be a great way to bring your organization, family, and friends together while ensuring the safety of everyone in attendance. It can also just be a fun a way to do something different! Here are five types of drive-in events to help inspire your creativity.


What does hybrid mean for the event industry? With large gatherings now back in vogue, are hybrid events still relevant? Is it a passing fad, the future of event planning, or something else all together?

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6 Questions To Ask Your Videographer

Working with a professional videographer can be overwhelming; there are a lot of details to consider. Here are some of the questions that we’ve found to be the most helpful while laying the groundwork for a new project.