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Event Entertainment that Will Elevate Your Experience!

Event Entertainment can take your audience experience to another level.  Music is the catalyst that brings people together; activates energy and movement. At Utopia, we understand how entertainment transforms your event. We love that challenge to raise the energy, bring everyone together and make your celebratory vision a reality. As your guests depart they’ll be talking about how fortunate they were to attend your celebration.

Our world-class talent will help you elevate your experience. Forgotten are the days when your guests sneak out after dinner or stand in the corner during the after-party. Dancers that motivate, emcees that bring people together and DJ’s that mix to the beat of your guests, we take pride in tailoring talent to your event. Our enthusiasm for innovation means that no two parties are alike. Here are a couple of ways to switch up your celebration and keep everyone entertained all night long!

Utopia Experience Event Entertainment DJ


Ego aside, an engaged DJ should play to the crowd; not their own musical tastes. The best DJ’s possess a unique mix – of technical skill, artistic intuition and an eye for observation.  In the blink of an eye an artist can read the crowd and connect and transform the mood of the room. Our DJs  mix with precision from one song to the next with transparent transitions.  But what they do best is connect and create a current that electrifies your event.


The emcee is your most direct contact with your guests. They lead the guests on the dance floor, facilitate announcements, and ensure the coordination of happenings throughout your celebration. The emcee is there to oversee and help keep the evening organized while making sure your guests are entertained. But most of all your emcee is there to allow you to be a guest at your own party.

Utopia Experience Event Entertainment Emcees
Utopia Experience Event Entertainment Dancer


Think of dancers as electrical currents. The DJ creates an audible vibe while the emcee makes it visible by creating a movement to the music.  But it’s the dancers that help connect that current onto the dance floor.  They amplify the energy and engagement of your party.  Whether spinning on their heads or leading your guests in dance – our team will literally and figuratively be head over heels to keep your guests entertained.

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