Event Recap: Battle of the Stars Fundraising Gala


Organization: The J Associates on behalf of The Jewish Community Center
Type of Event: Battle of the Stars Fundraising Gala
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Number of Attendees: 300+
Photographer: Tim Parker Photography


This past March, we had the privilege of teaming up with The J Associates for the Battle of the Stars Gala held at the Staenberg Family Complex. It was a night to remember, not just for the fun and games, but for the amazing spirit of community it fostered. At Utopia Experience, we’re all about creating events that leave a lasting impression, and this gala was no exception. From managing the nitty-gritty of event logistics to ensuring every audio cue was spot on, we were there every step of the way. This case study dives into how we managed to blend competition with teamwork, all for a great cause.


The J Associates, known for their dedication to the JCC and its community, crafted the concept of the Battle of the Stars Gala as a vibrant evening where competition and camaraderie intertwine. They approached us with a clear vision: an event where adults could engage in mental and physical challenges, fostering both fun and philanthropy. Our challenge wasn’t to invent but to actualize — to take their concept and ensure its seamless execution with our technical expertise and event management skills.


Understanding the scope and goals of the gala, we geared up to tackle the logistical intricacies head-on. From coordinating with the venue and vendors to mapping out every technical detail, our focus was on precision and smooth execution. Our involvement included creating detailed production maps, designing the digital leaderboard graphics, handling audiovisual elements like the LED Wall iMag for live streaming, and managing communications with speakers and volunteers. Our team also compiled the scoresheets and calculated the team rankings for attendees to view on the big screen. 

The J’s decision to work with Utopia Experience was driven by our known ability to deliver not just technical solutions but an unforgettable event experience. The J Associates valued our holistic approach to event management — our knack for understanding and implementing their vision with attention to detail and our capacity to elevate the event atmosphere.


The gala was a testament to what can be achieved when innovative ideas meet seamless execution. Adults 21 and over gathered, forming teams to face off in a variety of games designed to test both brains and brawn. They had everything from fast-paced relay races, a ‘Finish the Lyrics’ contest that was pure fun and laughter, to the Matzo Ball Battle, which everybody loved. And when they played the fund-a-need video, it turned out to be their most successful paddle raise yet, raising more than expected. But beyond the laughter and competitive spirits, it was a night that underscored the importance of community and support for The Jewish Community Center, proving that when we come together, we can make a significant impact.


Thanks to a collective effort, the Battle of the Stars Gala was more than just a success; it was a sold out event! We’re honored to have played a part in making this evening a reality, supporting The J Associates’ vision, and contributing to a worthy cause.

“I absolutely loved working with Utopia to plan our big fundraising event! Their team is so organized and on top of EVERYTHING! They were able to understand our very confusing vision for the event and helped make all the logistics happen seamlessly. They are quick to respond to communication and so professional. I would hire them again in a heart beat and can’t wait for them to help with future events. Thank you to Jordi and Roe and the rest of the team!” – Chelsea Miller


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