Event Recap: Cause Camp Nonprofit Conference

Cause Camp Nonprofit Conference 2023

The objective of Cause Camp was to create an engaging and enlightening experience for conference attendees and to provide them with valuable knowledge from leading experts across various fields, including philanthropy, sustainability, community engagement, and technology. Through this event, they empowered attendees with the tools and strategies needed to drive effective change, both within their organizations’ missions and in advancing their careers.

Event Overview:

The much-anticipated Cause Camp was held on September 14-15, 2023, at Sawmill Creek Resort in Sandusky, Ohio. Two days filled with inspiration, networking, and a deep dive into the world of social impact. This experience included 15+ mainstage speakers, 4 workshops, a 3-part inspire series, marketing bootcamp, trivia night, and more.

This year, Cause Camp had the fabulous Denavvia Mojet as its host! Denavvia, a Michigan native, is a total powerhouse. She’s a great speaker, knows the ropes of running non-profits, and is a savvy entrepreneur. Her fiery passion for policy and justice made her the perfect fit for this year’s emcee role.

This years event management and production partner was….. us! Utopia Experience takes immense pride in our partnership with Cause Camp, where we played a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless and impactful event. Our support included the following key elements:

  • Audiovisual Expertise:

We provided a complete tech and audiovisual setup, which encompassed cutting-edge equipment such as LED video screens, confidence monitors, gobo lighting, and more. Our team ensured that interactions happening in the room were captured and broadcasted on the main stage. This “Image magnification” (IMAG) allowed attendees to share their stories and experiences, creating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. These technological enhancements elevated the event’s overall experience.

  • Thorough Planning and Speaker Support:

We embarked on a 12-month planning journey, coordinating and testing assets, including videos and presentations. We also had the privilege of preparing speakers for the event, fostering strong rapport, and instilling confidence. Additionally, we worked with them to determine their microphone preferences, so that they were comfortable with their equipment day of. Our team managed all of their digital assets ensuring it all matched the Cause Camp specific branding.

2023 Speakers:

Lindsay Lashell – Founder & CEO, Open Lines Marketing
Jacob Brown – Motivational Speaker, Fail Foward
Nathan Hill  – Vice President, NextAfter Institute
Brady Josephson – VP of Marketing & Growth, charity: water
Ben Smithee – Ceo of  The Smithee Group
Kim Fuller – Founder & CEO, Phil Inc.
Kiersten Hill  – Director of Nonprofit Solutions, Firespring
Kia Croom – CEO and President, Kia Croom Fundraising & Philanthropy, Inc.
Lachandra Baker – Founder & Lead Consultant, Lachandra B Baker Edutainment, LLC
Kristin Sukraw – Executive Producer of StoryFind Films
Erik Tomalis – Chief Evangelist, Director of Business Development, Virtuous
Joey Goone – President, Utopia Experience
Sheri Chaney Jones – CEO & Founder, SureImpact
Steve Fredlund – The Safari Way
Beth Guckenberger
Back2Back Ministires
Genevieve Piturro – Inspirational Speaker & Author on “Purpose; The Human Connection”

  • Seamless Tech Integration:

With tech setups in three separate rooms, our team innovatively engineered a communication system, enabling all three rooms to seamlessly connect through a specialized tech mapping program. This integrated approach allowed a single control board to manage all three rooms, facilitating efficient coordination of main stage sessions, music, and announcements simultaneously.

  • Recording For Virtual Watch Party:

All event sessions were recorded to allow for a virtual watch party a month later. This forward-thinking approach extended the event’s reach and engagement well beyond the immediate live audience.

  • Strategic Content Creation:

Our company brought a well-defined content strategy to the event, leveraging our capabilities to record testimonials from both attendees and speakers. This invaluable short-form content will be repurposed to benefit Nonprofit Hub, promoting future conferences and member involvement opportunities.

This year, our President, Joey Goone, had the privilege of being a guest speaker at the event. Joey’s workshop, ‘How To Make Your Event Unforgettable,’ was tailored specifically for nonprofit leaders hosting galas and fundraisers throughout the year. It was a masterclass in event planning and execution, providing nonprofit leaders with insights to elevate their fundraising and community engagement efforts.

At the heart of every successful event lies the art of capturing its essence and moments in time. That’s where Shipwrecked Creative came into play. With their keen eye and talent, Shipwrecked Creative was the artistic force behind all the stunning event photography. Through their lens, they transformed moments into memories, beautifully preserving every smile, every connection, and every detail.


Cause Camp 2023 left its mark as an event that not only inspired and educated but also facilitated connections and collaborations among nonprofit professionals. 350+ attendees departed with a renewed sense of purpose, armed with the tools and motivation to continue their journey toward nonprofit excellence. The conference was proudly presented by Nonprofit Hub and under the guidance of Executive Director, Delaney Mullennix.

Are you ready to be part of a movement that drives meaningful change in our world? Learn more about Cause Camp 2024 in Colorado

Special shoutout to our phenomenal team at Utopia for making this event fun and seamless.…

The Utopia Experience Event Team

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