Event Recap: Midwest Climate Collaborative 2023

The Objective: 

Heather Navarro, the Director of the Midwest Climate Collaborative (MCC), faced the realization that she required the expertise of an external production company to create a comprehensive recap video to capture additional footage of the 2023 Midwest Climate Summit. This need arose with less than three weeks remaining before the commencement of the event. Coincidentally, David Webb, a Utopia Experience board member and advisor, had engaged in preliminary discussions with Heather during the preceding summer concerning the forthcoming event. These initial informal conversations swiftly evolved into a dialogue exploring how Utopia Experience could effectively contribute its resources to the project. Once the decision was made to involve Utopia Experience in the summit, our team sprang into action, despite having less than two weeks to prepare.

The Solutions: 

We conducted meetings with the summit’s stakeholders, formulating a comprehensive plan to cover the event and procure the highest quality footage for the video recap. Utopia Experience successfully lined up a team of highly skilled video professionals, ensuring they were equipped with all the necessary resources to capture the essence of this impactful event. Given the multiple locations both on and off the Washington University campus, the team adeptly managed numerous logistical challenges with utmost finesse. Ultimately, Utopia Experience amassed hours of exceptional footage, encompassing in-depth interviews and captivating B-Roll shots, which included a profound interview with former EPA Director, Janet McCabe. This material served as the foundation for the video that Director Navarro sought to employ for future event promotion. Utopia Experience is genuinely delighted to have had the opportunity to contribute to this groundbreaking initiative.

The Summit Overview:

The summit hosted a variety of professionals in the private, educational, and government sectors, and included exceptional leaders, practitioners, and researchers working on climate action in the Midwest. Their mission is to facilitate the development of a coherent Midwestern response to the climate crisis through acceleration of climate action, knowledge generation, and leader development led by a cross-sector collaboration of key organizations throughout the Midwest.

Shot at Washington University Campus

Testimonial Video:

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