Event Recap: Secret Knock 2024

Client: Secret Knock
Type of Event: The #1 Networking Event in the World
Video: Event Sizzle
Location: San Diego, CA
Attendee Count: 500+
Photographer: William Burdine


Hosted by Greg Reid, Secret Knock is not just an event; it’s an experience. This 3-day extravaganza in San Diego, CA, is where innovation meets networking, bringing together hundreds of the world’s most influential figures. With an unpredictable lineup ranging from hypnotists and robots to Grammy-nominated saxophonists and esteemed NFL players, Secret Knock turned to Utopia to ensure this spectacle ran without a hitch. Our mission was clear: to magnify the essence of Secret Knock through flawless event management, cutting-edge A/V production, and dynamic program design.

The Story of Secret Knock

Now, if you’re scratching your head wondering, “What in the world is Secret Knock?”, you’re not alone. It’s the kind of event that you don’t just stumble upon… unless, of course, you’ve got an invite with your name on it.

The guest list is exclusive.. we’re talking billionaires, sports legends, genius inventors, and even individuals who’ve transformed the entertainment industry. That’s the daily lineup at Secret Knock.

But what makes Secret Knock the talk of the town? It’s simple. It’s where you can bump elbows with people you’d usually only read about in Forbes or see on a TED stage. The catch? It’s as exclusive as it gets. Imagine a golden ticket, but instead of a chocolate factory, it leads you to a room filled with some of the most influential game changers on the planet. It’s not your everyday meet-and-greet; it’s a breeding ground for brilliance.

The investment to attend Secret Knock is—around 5k a ticket. But, for those who’ve experienced it, they’ll tell you it’s not just an event; it’s an investment in a world of opportunities that literally doesn’t exist anywhere else. It’s a doorway to a universe where the impossible feels a bit more possible. 

The Objective

The objective was to scale this uniqueness, ensuring every moment was captured and every voice was heard, which led Secret Knock to partner with Utopia.

Secret Knock sought to enhance the attendee experience and streamline the complexity of event execution. The goal was not just to host conversations but to create an immersive environment that facilitated unparalleled networking opportunities. This required sophisticated event management, state-of-the-art audiovisual support, and dynamic program content that could only be delivered by a partner with a deep understanding of high-caliber event production.

Why Secret Knock Chose Utopia Experience as their Preferred Partner 

In their quest for a production partner, Secret Knock evaluated numerous contenders. Utopia stood out not just for our track record with high-profile events, but for our forward-thinking approach to event solutions. Our proposal promised not just to meet but to exceed Secret Knock’s expectations, offering a seamless integration of technology and creativity that would enhance the value of each attendee’s experience. 

Pre-Event Preparation: 

Our collaboration began well before the event. We gathered essential digital assets and designed visually compelling lower thirds (a robot themed graphic overlay to highlight speaker names and titles). Our team worked with all 50+ speakers making sure walk up music, bios, microphone preferences, and video intros were ready to go for showtime.

Then we thought, “Hey, with all these big names in one place, why not make something more happen?” So, we came up with an innovative podcast sponsorship idea given the high-tech environment. Having the “Millionaires to Billionaires Talkshow” onsite. The idea was simple: they get to pick out some of the attendees for live interviews, making new relationships and giving our guests some extra spotlight. It was a win-win, adding an extra layer of excitement to the mix.

Day of event:

There were two main stages, which required tremendous planning, onsite logistics and communicating to the speakers. Our dedicated show callers played a pivotal role, expertly managing the flow by ensuring speakers and performers were primed and ready for their moments on stage. 

Our videography team, armed with state-of-the-art RED 8K and Sony FX30 4K cameras, were constantly on the move throughout the venue, capturing the event from multiple angles. This was important for moments when activities on the two stages occurred simultaneously but on different floors. Our live projection system allowed us to broadcast these moments in real time, no matter where attendees were, they could see the stage interviews happening.

Central to our operation was the programming—carefully curated to determine what attendees saw, felt, and heard. From the visuals on the screens to the sounds through the venue, every element was orchestrated to create a cohesive and engaging atmosphere. Despite having a detailed run-of-show timeline, the unpredictable nature of Secret Knock meant that changes occurred on a whim. Our team’s flexibility and quick thinking were put to the test, allowing us to adapt on the fly to these changes. This adaptability ensured that the event remained fluid and dynamic, truly setting it apart. The ability to pivot without disrupting the attendee experience underscored the uniqueness of Secret Knock, showcasing our team’s expertise in handling the unexpected with grace and professionalism.

The Results

At the heart of Secret Knock is a commitment to surprise, inspire, and connect. The exclusive event was wildly unpredictable, blending business networking with unexpected entertainment. 

The roster of attendees alone—ranging from Master Gee of the Sugarhill Gang to Kalpana Ploy from “Grey’s Anatomy”, cultural icons like Larry Thomas (the infamous Soup Nazi from “Seinfeld”), and ex-NFL stars Anthony Trucks and Andre Reid—speaks volumes about the event’s eclectic and high-caliber nature.

Attendees left with not just valuable connections but lasting memories of an experience enriched by iconic performances and insightful conversations, all captured and highlighted in a sizzle reel. We were grateful to be a part of this event and look forward to partnering with Secret Knock again soon!

Looking Ahead

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