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Video Production

Use video to build momentum and capacity for your organizations. Video helps you change the way people feel, think, and ultimately interact with your brand. This helps shift how people perceive your mission and why you matter, which creates a new reality. We are a team of creatives driven to help share your story with the world. From the first draft of the storyboard to the final edits, organizations all over the country have trusted Utopia to bring their vision to life.

Nonprofit Services

What are you doing to create a unique event experience? What is your post-event engagement plan? How might you engage donors, sponsors, and other supporters so they feel appreciated? These are just a few examples of the questions our team will ask you as we guide your organization through a process to revolutionize your fundraising strategies, more deeply connect people with your mission, and create an event experience that stays with your attendees for life. From unforgettable entertainment and technical production to captivating video and fundraising support, we are the event and video production company you have been looking for.

Fundraising Events In the last 24 months
$30 Million
Raised to Benefit Nonprofits
Nonprofits and Charities Impacted

The Utopia Edge

Unique Experiences

We do more than just produce events—we create memories. We change lives. We go above and beyond expectations. Whether it’s by designing a Van Gogh Museum-inspired walkthrough, setting up a silent disco, or hosting a dance marathon, we want to push the limits of what you think is possible.

Genuine Emotion

A successful event needs more than just wow-factor, it needs heart. Creating an experience that emotionally resonates with your attendees is the key to making your next event truly unforgettable, and blowing away your yearly fundraising goals as a result.

Deep Connection

Allowing attendees, change agents, donors,  supporters, and board members to connect with each other will help you create an environment where there’s a sense of shared identity, meaning, and purpose. What many events are missing is that genuine opportunity for connection; group interactions to unlock collective strengths, creativity, and resilience.


Streaming your event allows your organization to reach beyond geographical proximity. The reality is that people aren’t tired of digital environments. They’re tired of boring digital environments. Utopia’s unique, community-oriented approach to virtual events, including technology and facilitation (based on the XCHANGE model), allows you to elevate your attendee experience and create something that truly stands out.


Hybrid takes an event with a limited audience, at a single moment in time, inside a contained space, and makes it accessible to an infinite audience, across time, no matter where they are. With a thoughtful marketing strategy, Hybrid events create an opportunity for unlimited viewership potential. They’re also an incredible way to produce future content, both written and digital.


Our virtual, all-in-one event platform is a turnkey solution that has allowed countless organizations across the country to affordably connect hearts at a distance with incredible speed and scale. Virtual events remove geographical barriers, and allow people to more deeply connect with each other. That may include employees, vendors, partners, advocates, board members and donors.


What To Expect



We’ll connect via a discovery call to get a better understanding of your goals, outcomes and expectations. If you’d like to book a discovery call to get started, please click here.



During our initial kickoff meeting, we will discuss specifics that we'll need in order to execute, set expectations, and tell your stories, which also will include a cadence calendar for your deliverables.



Our team will be on-site to ensure the technical aspects of your production are executed. We will do a full run-through with your emcees, keynotes, and/or auctioneer. We handle all of the details. You enjoy your event.



After your event and/or video engagement with Utopia, we will review event wins and highlights. This is where we collectively celebrate our efforts and discuss new goals and initiatives for the next 12 months.

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