While the heyday of drive-ins was the ’50s and ’60s, they’ve been experiencing a bit of a renaissance since the pandemic. Hosting a drive-in event can be a great way to bring your organization, family, and friends together while ensuring the safety of everyone in attendance. It can also just be a fun a way to do something different! Here are five types of drive-in events to help inspire your creativity.

1. Fully Live Drive-in Fundraiser

Adding a drive-in element to your fundraiser is a great way to bring your donors together in a creative way. Your organization can use a mobile bidding platform (like Greater Giving) so that guests can bid from their phones. Your auctioneer and emcee will step on our stage in the parking lot. Our camera operators and AV team will capture the entire event, streaming to the LED wall (as well as simulcasting to anyone watching at home if you’d like to add a hybrid component to your event. We’ll touch on that more below).

2. Hybrid Drive-in Fundraiser

Hybrid events give you the opportunity to appeal to a wider demographic of people without geographical restrictions. Anyone, anywhere, can tune in to your event and connect with your cause. The number of people you reach largely depends on your ability to engage and excite people, so get creative with social media and digital invitations. Leverage your recipients (or a celebrity, athlete, or musician) to create an invite video that resonates with potential donors. During your hybrid event, our team will ensure a seamless experience for both guests in the parking lot and attendees tuning in from home. If your organization is hosting a drive-in conference or year-end celebration, you can stream it to anyone out-of-state or watching from home. Our team will handle all of your AV, production, video, and technical needs.

3. Drive-in Movies

Make this nostalgic experience more exciting today than it’s ever been by using 4k LED walls and live musical entertainment. Bringing an LED wall and incredible sound to a parking lot allows your company, organization, or a group of friends to enjoy a movie theater experience on a beautiful night outside. An FM transmitter provides the option to listen from inside the car if the night is too cold/hot.

4. Milestone Celebrations

Our company’s roots are in producing private events, so we understand how important these milestones are. A drive-in allows you to bring people together in a new (relatively speaking) and exciting way. Just like we described above, our video team will capture the event and stream it to family and friends that are unable to be there in person.

5. Drive-in Trivia Night

Like a movie night, our team will put up the LED screen and speakers to ensure that everyone in the parking lot can see and hear the trivia questions. Each car can compete for prizes or bragging rights. No paper scorecards are needed. Everything runs digitally, allowing each team to play from their phones.

When it comes to drive-in events, the possibilities are endless. Click here to book a discovery call with our planning team!