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Over $30 Million Raised in Generosity!

When looking for a production company, many nonprofits seek good A/V at an affordable price, and they overlook the most important component, building community. All event and video production companies offer similar technology. Not all companies offer what we call, the Utopia Edge.

Money and event efforts are wasted if people aren’t connected.

​That’s where we come in.

The greatest value we bring to our clients is that we’re fueled by curiosity, passion, and the desire to innovate. Most importantly, everything we do is aimed at scaling connection and uniting hearts at speed and scale.

​Simply put, our mission is to help your nonprofit transcend its limitations, and scale as a result, through event experiences and video stories that light hearts on fire.

​Our clients, on average, have increased their fundraising revenue by 50%. What they gain is much more substantial than the initial fundraising increase. They gain connected hearts, inspired minds, and ripe opportunities within their donor bases, and THAT is priceless.

​We are the nonprofit people.

  • Audio Visual and Production
  • Video Production
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  • Benefit Auction Specialists
  • Virtual and Hybrid Streaming
  • Theme Creation and Decor
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Videos are effective fundraising tools!

Invitation Video

Invitation videos allow you to go beyond the standard email or paper invitation. These digital invites add a personal touch, emotionally connecting people with your recipients, clients, and families that are benefitting from your mission.

Paddle Raise, Spotlight or Fund A Need

These videos highlight transformational stories of impact. When people feel emotionally connected to your mission, they’re more inclined to give.

Connected Hearts = Generous Donors.

Donor Spotlight

When you think of inspiring your donor base, you may typically think of showcasing your mission. But sometimes, the reasons your donors are choosing to give; their stories, can be as moving as what you’re doing with their money. Understanding why your donors give is the key to scaling your relationships, and ultimately your organization.

Thank You Video

A more thoughtful and personal approach to express gratitude after your event.

The Utopia Edge

Unique Experiences

We do more than just produce events—we create memories. We change lives. We go above and beyond expectations. Whether it’s by designing a Van Gogh Museum-inspired walkthrough, setting up a silent disco, or hosting a dance marathon, we want to push the limits of what you think is possible.

Genuine Emotion

A successful event needs more than just wow-factor, it needs heart. Creating an experience that emotionally resonates with your attendees is the key to making your next event truly unforgettable, and blowing away your yearly fundraising goals as a result.

Deep Connection

Allowing attendees, change agents, donors,  supporters, and board members to connect with each other will help you create an environment where there’s a sense of shared identity, meaning, and purpose. What many events are missing is that genuine opportunity for connection; group interactions to unlock collective strengths, creativity, and resilience.

KC Shepherd’s Center could not have tripled our revenues from 2020-2021 without the guidance, support and expertise that Utopia provided us.  The highly qualified staff at Utopia have become part of the KCSC family and are truly partners in this journey of event production and relationship building.  I highly recommend Utopia Entertainment for your event production needs! I am entering my 3rd year working with Utopia with 2 different organizations and I would not work with another production company in the country. You get what you pay for and we gained an extended family when we signed with Utopia! They care and they walk their talk!


Terri Goddard
Kansas City Shepherd Center

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