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Create Streaming Events That Truly Stand Out!

Streaming your event allows your organization to reach beyond geographical proximity. The reality is that people aren’t tired of digital environments. They’re tired of boring digital environments. Utopia’s unique, community-oriented approach to virtual events, including technology and facilitation, allows you to elevate your attendee experience and create something that truly stands out.


Hybrid Event

Utopia Experience Hybrid Event

Hybrid takes an event with a limited audience, at a single moment in time, inside a contained space, and makes it accessible to an infinite audience, across time, no matter where they are. With a thoughtful marketing strategy, Hybrid events create an opportunity for unlimited viewership potential. They’re also an incredible way to produce future content, both written and digital.

Virtual Event

Utopia Experience Streaming Event

Our virtual, all-in-one event platform is a turnkey solution that has allowed countless organizations across the country to affordably connect hearts at a distance with incredible speed and scale. Virtual events remove geographical barriers, allowing nonprofits to more deeply connect their vendors, partners, and donors with each other, with their organization, and with their mission.


Web Pages

Create a hybrid event landing page with your event information. This is a great place to include videos that build a case for support for your event. This may include testimonials about your organization and why attendees might consider attending your event. In addition, this page is a great place to create visibility for your sponsors.

Tier Ticketing

Specify the difference in ticket prices for attending in-person vs. attending virtually. Make the ticket price worthwhile with an exclusive experience they can only get from attending your event in-person. For virtual attendees, consider offering a sponsorship to host a watch party. Have volunteers deliver food and beverages prior to your stream going live! Or, consider gift boxes with company or sponsor branded swag prior to your event.


Our event production team will help you determine the best live-streaming platform. People aren’t tired of virtual events. They’re tired of “boring” events. Our goal is to create an interactive, engaging, and real-time experience, minimizing latency, and creating an environment where attendees feel connected. For nonprofits, zero latency is of critical importance when you have attendees bidding on auction items simultaneously in-person and virtually.


Video is an extremely powerful way to emotionally connect people during an event. It’s a powerful tool for igniting hearts and inspiring minds. Video is a great way to tie in the virtual elements of the event to the in-person program. Video is also a wonderful way to build a larger case for support for your brand, create excitement around upcoming initiatives, and promote future events.


A number of people are under the impression that producing a hybrid event requires adding an isolated streaming component on top of your traditional gala. Instead, we’ve found that the key to success is full integration of your live and virtual programming. Our team will seamlessly manage all of the technical and production elements, freeing you up to do what you do best.

Early Auction

If your event has an auction, open up your items several days before the event. This will encourage donors to bid on items and engage them prior to the day of your Hybrid event. Utilize your mobile bidding platform to inform your guest that bidding is open! Consider leaving your auction open for up to 24 hours after your event has concluded to maximize virtual participation.

“As graduation came closer, our faculty and staff struggled to find the best way to celebrate the class of 2020, while ensuring we were keeping our students and their families safe. From our first conversation with the Utopia Entertainment team, we knew that we were in the best of hands. Hosting a drive-in graduation, while not our original plan, allowed our students to celebrate their achievements together in a unique way. And one that they will never forget. It also allowed friends and family members to watch the live-stream from home. Thank you, Utopia, for not only making this event possible but for making it seamless, professional and more than anything, a celebration for our students and families!”

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Fritz Long
Duchesne High School

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