Gina Passante

Director of Marketing

Gina has 15+ years of experience in digital marketing. In her previous life, Gina helped large corporations dominate their categories through intentional digital strategies, and she’s now helping Utopia do the same.. To Gina, the overall success of a brand is determined by the 3 E’s of content. Content must be Entertaining, Educational and Emotional.  Building more meaningful relationships with customers and prospects is all about innovating and re-engineering how to add value.

When Gina isn’t at the office, she’s remodeling her home with the help of her 5-year-old son, Dom. She also loves taking him to his “ninja-training” classes!


Get to Know Gina a Little More:

  • I’ve hand-fed a Rhino
  • I don’t like Chocolate
  • I love Halloween, and if I didn’t work for Utopia I would run a Haunted House
  • I run ghost hunting tours all over the country
  • I love Metal, Grunge and 90s music