Jordi Stack

Director of Communications

We found Jordi when we partnered with Mizzou’s Dance Marathon, MizzouThon. Jordi was one of the event planners and, after working with our team, knew she wanted to work at a place like Utopia after graduation. She graduated on a Sunday and was Utopia’s newest employee by Wednesday. Over the past four years, Jordi has gone from assisting Neal with private events and running our social media to leading our planning team for all of our nonprofit and corporate partners. She also focuses on day-to-day operations and administrative tasks, keeping the engines running. We love Jordi (even though Utopia didn’t plan her Bat Mitzvah).

Get To Know Jordi More: 

  • My favorite way to eat food is anything open-faced (pizza, bagel, etc.)
  • I’m a Certified Personal Trainer
  • I would love to swim with sharks one day
  • I’d pick sweet over savory 9/10 times
  • If I could see anyone in concert, it would be Whitney Houston