Neal Goone


Father to Joey and our certified roadie, Neal has been involved with Utopia since the beginning. While his late wife Jodi started the company, Neal was there every step of the way, creating playlists song by song and dragging speakers up and down the hill of his driveway before and after every event. While Neal’s days as a roadie are slowing down he’s still involved in the day-to-day of our business. His time is focused on telling impactful stories through video and working with our bar and bat mitzvah clients, helping them through the planning process and attending almost every bar and bat mitzvah party.

Get To Know Neal a Little More:

  • My favorite holiday is the Monday after weekend events
  • I could eat ice cream forever
  • One day we’ll have an office in the Cayman Islands
  • I love all music, except for Country
  • If I didn’t work for Utopia I would be writing true-life observations from a humorous lens