Utopia Experience Celebrates 20 Years in Business

St. Louis – October 11, 2022 – Utopia Experience, a leader in the events industry, celebrates 20 years in business. 

Utopia Experience Celebrates 20 Years in Business

It’s now 20 years since Jodi Goone’s vision became a reality from the family kitchen in St. Louis, Missouri to a thriving business that has touched so many lives through the Utopia Experience.  

Two decades ago Jodi left her career as a teacher to fulfill her dream of creating an entertainment experience that was unique and engaging.  Most of all she sought to foster events that brought heart and connection to celebrations.  

Jodi and her husband Neal knew little about the entertainment industry, had no experience in hiring, training or managing a staff.  But they were driven by passion, vision and determination to make a difference in people’s lives.

Initially the company DNA centered on entertainment for private events, Mitzvahs and weddings. Utopia’s skilled emcees, contemporary DJ’s and team of energetic dancers transformed parties into memorable experiences for ages from 8 to 80, unified in celebration. 

Today, Utopia Experience celebrates its 20th Anniversary and holds steadfast to Jodi’s standard of quality service, professionalism and memorable entertainment.  

Jodi passed on her mantra to the staff; create relationships around trust and service, paying attention to all the details which allow the hosts the freedom to be guests at their events.  She often reminded clients that at the conclusion of a Utopia event “your guests will not be talking about the chicken as they make their way to their cars.”

Jodi passed away 9 years ago, and while the company has expanded its services it remains committed to the small business values of relationships and service.  Today, Jodi’s son Joey runs the company with some of the same staff that worked with Jodi in the company’s formative years. 

While the onset of Covid crippled many companies dependent on public and private events, under Joey’s direction, Utopia was able to expand its staff and revenue exponentially.  Joey identified a void and need for helping nonprofit organizations navigate challenges associated with Covid.  Through well-planned programs designed to entertain and fundraise, Utopia was able to help many nonprofit organizations remain viable by streaming fundraisers into donors’ living rooms. 

Today, with the expansion of its services, the company has transformed from Utopia Entertainment to the Utopia Experience by becoming a full service event and video production company in addition to its entertainment division.  

Since its inception in 2002, Utopia has partnered with thousands of families, businesses, and nonprofits. The company has produced live, hybrid, and virtual events all over the country, and helped raise over $50 million for charities as a result of helping produce their largest annual fundraisers. 

The Utopia Experience remains grateful for the many relationships built, trust earned, and enduring friendships that build the foundation for its next 20 years.