Video Shot Checklist: Capture Essential Video Footage at Your Event

Events are a whirlwind of activity, with countless details to consider. Amidst all the planning and organizing, it’s crucial not to overlook the primary goal of capturing content from the event. Whether it’s a corporate conference, a charity gala, or a community celebration, knowing what footage to capture is key. By carefully planning, you can ensure you capture all the necessary shots for a memorable video. Below is an essential video shot checklist that can be applied to almost any type of event.

Establishing Shots:

  • Aerial drone footage over venue or city if possible
  • Wide-angle shots of full room to highlight the scale of event
  • Exterior shots of the venue with or without signage to provide context
  • Stage set up with backdrop and/or behind the scenes
  • Close-up shot of the program agenda or flyer on decorated table
  • Capture any unique / interesting decor

Crowd and Atmosphere:

  • Shots of attendees arriving/checking in and mingling.
  • Red carpet Interviews with attendees to gather their thoughts and experiences
  • Happy Attendees / Networking (if nonprofit try to capture top donors*)
  • Candid shots of participants (try to capture reactions and emotions)
  • Showcase key staff members (CEO, Executives, etc.)
  • View from stage looking into audience
  • Guests on dancefloor

Key Moments:

  • Close-ups of event branding, sponsor signage, and logos
  • B-roll footage of digital screens/technology in room
  • Shots of food and beverages being served
  • Shots of award presentations
  • Highlights of keynote speakers, performances, and special entertainment
  • Auctioneer Paddle Raise (if fundraiser*)
  • Host speaking at closing thanking attendees 
  • Post event testimonials from thrilled/moved guests

Remember, this checklist serves as a guide, and you should tailor it to suit the specific event type and objectives of the video itself. If you find yourself in need of professional video assistance for your event, our team at Utopia Experience is here to help. We offer video consultation services to ensure you capture all the necessary footage and create a memorable video. Schedule a video consultation with us at to discuss your event requirements and explore how we can assist you in capturing the perfect footage.

Do you need an event recap video?

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