Why (and how) You Should Talk About Your Company’s Community Involvement

As an event production company that works primarily with nonprofits, part of our mission is to create positive change in our local community. Bringing people together, creating unforgettable experiences, and helping our clients raise more money is a big part of that, but we also try to spend time actually volunteering as a team. And we aren’t the only ones. Lots of organizations get involved with the communities they’re a part of. If your company is giving back, you should be talking about it.

Here are a few of the reasons why.

1. It Builds Trust and Credibility

When you talk about your company’s community involvement, you demonstrate that you’re more than just a business—that you care about the community you serve. This can increase your credibility with potential clients, who may be more likely to choose a company that shares their values.

2. It Differentiates Your Company

In a competitive market, highlighting your company’s community involvement can help differentiate your company from its competitors. If potential clients see that you’re committed to making a positive change in the community, they may be more likely to choose you over another company.

3. It Increases Brand Awareness

When you participate in community events or sponsor local causes, you get your company’s name out there. Increased exposure is one of the most reliable ways to reach new clients, and having your name featured at (and associated with) community events can be incredibly effective advertising.

4. It Calls Attention to Your Causes

If you go the extra mile to highlight your organization’s community involvement by making social media posts, writing blog articles, or issuing press releases about it, you also shine a spotlight on the organizations that you’re serving. It’s a win-win for both your company and the causes you partner with.

So, we’ve established why you should share your company’s community involvement efforts, but how should you? We’ve mentioned some of the most common methods already—social media posts, blog articles, and press releases. These are all great ways to talk about your work in the community, but we want to highlight an alternative that we’re really excited about: video.

This is a video we recently produced of our time spent volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House. It allowed us to do all of the things we’ve talked about in this article; we were able to talk about why volunteering is important to our team, we were able to help establish a brand based on community involvement, and we were able to shine a spotlight on the incredible work that the Ronald McDonald House is doing. And it was incredibly simple to produce!

Even if you don’t create video content about it, though, you should definitely spend time talking about your community involvement.

And if you are feeling inspired to create video, book a discovery call with our video team! We’ll help you tell your story in a compelling and engaging way.

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